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What If Regular Animals Were Gigantically Huge? (18 Pics)



What if your cat suddenly grew to the size of a bus, or a random butterfly became as big as a building? Surely, these hypothetical situations may have forever stayed exclusively in our imagination, but thanks this Japanese artist — Monokubo, we can now witness all the glory of our pet overlords.


Just one quick look at these pictures fills me up with awe and inspiration. It’s such a simple yet astonishingly fresh idea, you just want to see more of the creatures inhabiting that world. I mean if a simple cat is 30 ft tall, what would a giraffe or an elephant look like?


So who’s this Ariduka55/Monokubo? She’s 24 yo Japanese artist who watched too much Studio Ghibli movies (yeah, like there’s such a thing as too much). That’s basically her source of inspiration, aside from fellow artists like Piotr Jabłoński, who is an expert at relaying the scale in his works. Ethereal landscapes plus huge fluffy animals is what Monokubo is all about.


Come on, let me show you some of my favorites!



1. This kitty has to be my number one. Probably because those eyes are incredible.


2. Stackable cats are the best!


3. Can you imagine cleaning all that fur the next day?



4. It’s just a giant fluffy bird but it’s so soothing…


5. Every cat owner knows this means “feed me, Helen!”


6. “So you’ve come to battle me, puny insect?”

7. Foxes are a big thing in Japanese mythology.


8. That monster’s gonna suck you dry!


9. Screw school, let’s cuddle.



10. That’s just so goddamn beautiful…


11. Oh hey, it’s the legendary Tanuki!


12. “Yo, squirts, got any fish”?

13. There’s something super satisfying in having a mega dog by your side.


14. What do these things eat? Are mice in this world 10 ft long too?


15. Not sure if the human is napping or if the birb is just trying to swallow him through its feathers.



16. And how about a huge hamster?


17. Just a sunny day activity.


18. Isn’t it wonderful…