This Artist has Illustrated the Shopping Habits of Our Favorite Characters


The French artist Linda Bouderbala has created a series of illustrations showing cult movie, TV, and cartoon characters visiting supermarkets and doing some weekend shopping. Not only are the pictures adorable, colorful, and pretty, but they also reveal a bit of personality of the character in their choice of what to buy.


The adorable, inflatable robot that would help you whenever you needed help! I would absolutely love to be standing in line behind him at a supermarket. Look at him! Don’t you just want to give him a hug?

Unsurprisingly, Baymax is buying some scotch tape at the supermarket. If you were an inflatable robot, you’d want to have some on hand too! (Not to mention that the scotch tape gag was one of the funniest moments of the Big Hero 6 movie!)


Rapunzel from tangled is (unsurprisingly) purchasing some hair products. Seems to me like she’s buying some detangling conditioner to help her take care of her incredibly long, luscious locks. Although, if I were her, I think I’d stock up and buy more than one bottle. Surely coming down from that high tower to go to the supermarket is too much of a hassle to be doing it every single day.

Rapunzel, buy in bulk!


See, you have to have a certain (high) level of intelligence to understand the joke in this picture.


The Shinigami (spirit of death) spent a ridiculous amount of his Death Note screen time eating apples. Unsurprisingly, the only thing he’d be buying in the supermarket is a large bag of apples.

That being said, maybe he should also buy a Tile to make sure his little notebook of death doesn’t get lost. I mean I know that he dropped it on purpose, but I’m sure a lot of the show’s key problems would be solved if only he’d bought the little bluetooth keychain for his notebook.


Olaf from Frozen has the right idea! He spent quite a bit of time making sure that the deer doesn’t eat his carrot nose, so to save himself from all the trouble – why not just buy a large bag of carrots? It’s always best when you have enough to share with everyone.


I can’t get behind Pepeye’s choice of sustenance. I know spinach is very good for you, but come on! It tastes so bad! I mean, if you’re going to be buying spinach, at least buy some other salad ingredients and a nice salad dressing to go with it!


Shampoo. Of course Chewbacca is buying shampoo. Although, if I was him, I think I’d also invest in some good conditioner. We all know that after-care is what really sets the great hair apart from the good hair.

Fifi La Fume

Fifi La Fume is a French cartoon skunk. We can see her buying deodorant here. Although I get the joke, I think this could be taken a step further if we saw her buying Chanel №5 or some other equally stereotypically French perfume. Besides, skunks don’t stink all the time. It’s only a matter of self defense!


It’s important to note that the artist went for the Detective Pikachu version of Pikachu! I think the regular version would go for… Duracell batteries?

But Detective Pikachu? He’s special. He’s different. He has electricity for days, but detective work requires a little something special for the brain! COFFEE!


This one is, by far, my favorite one. Sonic the Hedgehog is buying onion rings. It’s funny because in the game 90% of the objective is collecting a bunch of golden rings. Onion rings are the low-budget version, I guess.


Of all the characters in this series of illustrations, Cinderella is saving the most money. Can you imagine going to the store, paying around $10 for a pumpkin, walking out, and then turning it into a car? Because that’s quite obviously what she’s planning on doing!


What do you do after you while out half of the universe? You pick up gardening. Never mind that you could have used your little glove to create resources instead of killing everyone. Never mind that maybe a book would do you more good than gardening tools.

You do you Thanos.

Professor Utonium

We all know the Powerpuff Girls were made of sugar, spice, and everything nice (plus a small dash of Chemical X). What do you do when you have all the ingredients except sugar?

You could go to your neighbors, but they’d only lend you enough to make one Powerpuff Girl. It’s best to pop out to the cornerstone and get a big pack.

April O’Neil

And here’s April buying pizza for her 4 friends. Lovely!