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Stunning And A Little Bit Creepy Sculptures Made Out Of Driftwood



It’s true what people say: “one man’s trash in another man’s treasure”, which in this case is quite literal. We go through so much garbage every day that we’re bound to miss out on something potentially spectacular, like all those pieces of driftwood that can be found washed up on the shore.


The majority of people would never look twice at a piece of old wood, but not Debra Bernier. She claims that every single stick has a personality, which can be seen in the bumps and grooves. These are a sort of check points, allowing her to create her own little masterpieces. Let’s see what all the hubbub is about. Here are some of the most stunning (and a little bit creepy) sculptures made out of driftwood!



1. Just a regular chunk of wood was transformed into this masterpiece.


2. What used to be a wet stick has now become a stick with a lovely face.


3. This has to be some sort of a forest deity, right?



4. What a fantastic-looking mushroom girl!


5. Some say this owl’s eyes will peer into your very soul…


6. This one is my favorite so far.


All of Debra’s works are heavily inspired by animals, children, and nature in general, giving them this weird, mystical look – a unique combination of nature and art!


7. Is it a full moon face?


8. More forest goddesses! Those are always a win.


9. This mermaid would make an awesome decoration for your lake house.



10. So beautiful!


11. Have you ever seen crying sticks? Now you have.


If you see something you like, chances are you can buy it on Debra’s Etsy store right here.


12. It must be that legendary dryad cup. Once you drink from it, all your ailments will simply vanish! Also, I just made that up.


13. Just look at these colors!


14. And this is the cup that you drink beer from, right?



15. Well Debra definitely has a talent! Amzing!


16. And finally, a mother and her child sculpted from a piece of driftwood.