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Talented German Artist Makes Stunning Papercuts

People express their talents in different ways. For some, it’s the ability to bake pretty good chocolate chip cookies. For others, it might be holding their breath underwater several seconds longer than average or singing in the shower when nobody is listening. In the case of Jo Chorny, an artist from Germany, it’s about expressing herself through paper.

Ferrero Rocher Origami Is As Weird As It Sounds

Origami is an impressive skill to have, and one that only few people really master in this world. Of course, someone had to take the concept of making art out of folded paper a step further, and that person is Ciro Wai, a Chinese artist. He decided to do it with Ferrero Rocher packaging.

What Happens When You Combine Wild Animals and Tribal Doodles?

Have you ever tried to doodle on photos or illustrations? I know I have, but Rohan Sharad Dahotre has developed a special skill – creating tribal avatars for the wildest of animals, making them look a bit more … human? This series of photos is called “animal doodles” and the artist created them to raise awareness about out furry, feathery, and scaly bothers.

Xuedaixun Turns Cats And Dogs Into Anime Drawings

Chinese artist Xuedaixun spends his free time looking up cute pictures of cats and dogs and turns those into anime drawings. While that might sound simple enough, he does choose the more peculiar poses and replicates the mood perfectly in his human counterpart.

Cristian Marianciuc Makes Some Amazing Origami Birds

Cristian Marianciuc is a Romanian self-proclaimed “origami enthusiast”. Cristian keeps churning his origami birds out like it’s the easiest thing in the world. And then we’re not even talking about the colors he uses, which are also nothing short of gorgeous.

This Quirky and Unique Photography Project Will Amaze You!

Don’t you just love it when artists do something quirky and unique? Seigar, Tenerife-based pop street and travel photographer, tries to tell tales with his camera. One of those tales is his project called “My Plastic People”, where he tries to humanize mannequins found in shops all over the world. Sounds like a cool thing, doesn’t it?

11 Disney Princesses Reimagined as Kickass Heroines

In pretty much every fairy tale, the princesses are treated as these weak, helpless damsels who can only break their curses if they’re rescued and/or locking lips with a total stranger. Meet Russian artist Artemii Myasnikov, who came up with a pretty nifty idea. He turned Disney princesses into badass warriors who control their own destiny!