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Noir Film Disney Princesses Are The Best Thing You’ve Ever Seen


Disney princesses are associated with many characteristics, but “dark” or “gritty” never quite make the list. If you’re thinking about film noir, it’s pretty much the reverse. Instagram artist Astor Alexander figured it’d be fun to mix these two things together and see what happens. And I pretty much have to admit, I kind of want Disney to make these movies.


He took lovely and well-known Disney princesses characters and transformed them into powerful women that ooze pure awesomeness. Each of these looks like you don’t want any trouble with her, yet they still retain their princess-like features and looks.



I love the concept of Belle being a cop that’s hunting the Beast.



Snow White as the mafia boss and the dwarves as regular goons? Yes please!


Pocahontas as a private detective seems like a match made in Heaven.


The Sleeping Beauty story does perfectly lend itself to a noir thriller, doesn’t it? This poster almost screams “Sin City” to me.



Mulan has never looked better – this style really matches her.


I doubt Cinderella has ever looked so tough and mean. Her stepmother pales by comparison.


Princess Jasmine looks like she’s got this heist entirely under control without any help from Aladdin.



Tiana as a femme fatale from a crime movie in New Orleans? Yes please.


Think 20,000 leagues under the sea, but with Ariel instead of Captain Nemo.



As if the art itself isn’t awesome enough, you can actually buy these in different sizes. They cost a pretty penny, but you’ll be supporting an amazing artist in the process.