Filip Hodas Does Post-Apocalyptic Pop Culture Art


Post-apocalyptic things have always fascinated humanity. How would our planet evolve if humans ever decide to pull the plug on it and destroy everything? Or maybe it wouldn’t be our doing (at least not directly) and Mother Nature decides to take the planet back on her own accord.

Filip Hodas, a Czech digital artist who has an amazing Instagram page you should follow, clearly wondered the same thing. In his idea of a post-apocalyptic future, we see nature taking back what’s rightfully hers. And what better way to illustrate it than with pop culture imagery?


Take this Hello Kitty for example. She actually looks a lot less inviting this way.



Or what about Mickey Mouse, who we all have such fond memories of?



Spongebob isn’t taking the whole post-apocalyptic thing too well …


It’s weird how Bender didn’t survive the apocalypse because he’s a robot, but we’ll let it pass because this piece of art is gorgeous.



And now this is Kaonashi from Spirited Away.


These Pokéballs are so big they kind of look like alien spaceships. Like something a Saiyan would use to arrive on Earth. Or maybe it’s just a very zoomed-in picture. Who knows.



Even Stormtroopers don’t survive the apocalypse. Picked the wrong team again, guys!


“M-Morty … -burp- W-We need to g-go back in time and prevent this, Morty!” ‘Oh jeez Rick, I don’t know …’



Mario won’t be eating these mushrooms any time soon.


Pac Man kept on eating until the very last moment. Reminds me of my grandfather.



Humanity might be dead, but Coca Cola product placement lives forever.


Oh, look, a Happy Meal!



I doubt anyone would want to play Space Invaders in a post-apocalyptic setting, especially if aliens are the reason of our undoing. Then again, might as well enjoy ourselves!