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Tim Klein Makes Puzzle Montage Art And It’s Awesome


Did you ever pay attention to jigsaw puzzles? I mean, really pay attention? So that means you probably noticed that every jigsaw puzzle manufacturer uses the same pattern for their puzzles. So theoretically, say, if your name was Tim Klein, you could mix different puzzles from the same manufacturer and it’d actually fit – right? Well, that’s entirely right and that’s what Tim Klein did.






While puzzles on their own are usually pretty bland, Tim mixes puzzles from the same manufacturer to create something more than what they were. It’s a genuine art form and it’s one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in my short life on this planet. Turning puzzles, something predetermined, into a creation of your own imagination is art in its purest form. There’s no denying that.






While the art form in itself is quite obscure, Tim hasn’t invented it. That honor goes to Mel Andringa, but Tim has pretty much perfected what Mel started. It might seem like there’s not much to combining puzzles, but I can assure you it’s not as easy as it looks or sounds. If you’re interested in the artform and how Tim’s work further develops over the years, be sure to follow his website to stay updated on recent developments!