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Cristian Marianciuc Makes Some Amazing Origami Birds


I know what you’re thinking – origami is just folding paper, right? Well, we’re about to prove you wrong. Cristian Marianciuc is a Romanian self-proclaimed “origami enthusiast”. It’s probably more accurate to call him an artist, because his origami cranes are amazing.



Considering how tiny these are, just imagine having to make all those feathers. It would probably take me two full years of trying to make one of these birds, yet Cristian keeps churning them out like it’s the easiest thing in the world. And then we’re not even talking about the colors he uses, which are also nothing short of gorgeous.

He usually gives a small story with every bird. How he created them, what inspired him, which materials he used,… and it’s frankly a very wonderful experience to not only watch the birds, but also read how these – essentially – folded sheets of paper came to be.

Cristian has a shop on Etsy where you can buy some of his works. If you have the money – and an adequate case to display them in – however, I’d definitely recommend keeping an eye on the shop for your own perfect origami bird.