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Ferrero Rocher Origami Is As Weird As It Sounds


We all know the Japanese art of folding paper and creating amazing things out of it known as origami. It’s an impressive skill to have, and one that only few people really master in this world. Of course, someone had to take the concept of making art out of folded paper a step further, and that person is Ciro Wai, a Chinese artist. He decided to do it with Ferrero Rocher packaging.

Now, I’ll be honest, using Ferrero Rocher packaging instead of paper is a lot easier since it’s more sturdy and it doesn’t actually require any folding but it’s more of a “sculpting” process where the packaging is pushed together to create a shape. That said, none of these sculpts should be seen as easy or not artistic. Any of these would look amazing in a glass cabinet and they’d be sure to turn some heads.

And while the art in itself is good enough to appreciate, let’s not forget that this also does something we can all get behind: it turns garbage into something worth keeping. And then we don’t even mention the very best part about this: it’s an art form that requires you to eat lots and lots of Ferrero Rocher. How else are you going to get the packaging off? Really, this is the art form for all of us.