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What Happens When You Combine Wild Animals and Tribal Doodles?


Have you ever tried to doodle on photos or illustrations? I know I have, but Rohan Sharad Dahotre, a freelance illustrator from India, has developed a special skill – creating tribal avatars for the wildest of animals, making them look a bit more … human? This series of photos is called “animal doodles” and the artist created them to raise awareness about out furry, feathery, and scaly bothers.



1. A hyena wearing lion’s mane? That would be insane! Insane!



2. Stunningly beautiful birdie. The design just screams sophistication and elegance.

3. Silly chameleon, you don’t need to wear these… leaves?

According to Rohan, he just looks for cool pictures of animals in the Google image search, turns on his good old imagination and goes to town doodling sweaters, hats, capes, and stuff like that. Even though doodling may sound like an activity anyone can pick up and master in one evening, it’s not that easy. You really need to let your mind roam but also guide it to create these beautiful tribal patterns and textures. In this case they are inspired by flora and fauna.


4. Baby, it’s cold outside. A leaf-sweater would go great.



5. This looks like a fun anime character. Maybe an indie game hero?

6. Scratch that. Now THIS is a character I’d watch and play as!

If you’re getting an African vibe from these doodles, you’re not wrong! Rohan’s little creative experiment gave life to some of the coolest-looking pictures I’ve seen in a while. Too bad there are only 9 of them…


7. He even did the owl’s eyes, wow. Those are freaky.



8. This is Rohan’s first tribal doodle and it’s fantastic.

9. There had to be a goat in here somewhere. And this sucker looks regal AF!