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This Quirky and Unique Photography Project Will Amaze You!


Don’t you just love it when artists do something quirky and unique? Seigar , Tenerife-based pop street and travel photographer, tries to tell tales with his camera. One of those tales is his project called “My Plastic People”  , where he tries to humanize mannequins found in shops all over the world. Sounds like a cool thing, doesn’t it? Well, it is!



There’s an odd aspect to these mannequins, because Seigar manages to make them look human-like. You can clearly still see they’re mannequins, but it’s almost as if they’re somehow alive. By using clever photography magic, he really does turn them into plastic people instead of just … plastic. It’s equally cool and scary. I’ve seen to many Chucky movies to not think this is at least a bit freaky.

His pictures have a certain sociological and anthropological side to them. It’s almost as if we’re studying ourselves by looking at these plastic mannequins just being there. I should probably mention that these mannequins by themselves already look a whole lot more human than what you see in most stores, so I guess that helps. It’s almost as if they’re looking back at you through the glass. Which, again, is equally cool and scary.

Seigar does more things than take pictures of mannequins all over the world. If you’d want to see what that is or keep in touch with his quest for Plastic People all over the world, don’t hesitate to follow his Instagram page .