Ben Mulder Takes The Best Pictures of Sunrises in Southeast Queensland


There’s something special about a sunrise – or sunset, depending on which time of the day you’re looking at it – that just isn’t found in anything else in life. The vibrant colors, the feeling that another day is ripe for the taking, … It’s just a wonderful thing to witness. The hard part about sunsets and sunrises is trying to take a picture of one that perfectly captures that feeling. Where everyone else has pretty much failed in doing so, Ben Mulder has succeeded greatly.

Ben’s work can be followed on Instagram and his pictures pretty much speak for themselves. I’m not sure if it’s a southeast Queensland thing, but practically every one of these pictures is a sunrise that’s 10 times more beautiful than any I’ve seen in my life.

If you’re interested in Ben’s pictures, there’s always the option to purchase the digital files on his website. Also, because Ben is a nice guy, he makes no fuss about the camera he’s using to make these pictures – it’s a Nikon D7200. If you don’t have a camera like that, it’s probably also possible to take pictures of sunrises. They won’t be as good, but they’ll still be decent. Luckily, it’s hard to screw up a sunrise.