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Xuedaixun Turns Cats And Dogs Into Anime Drawings


Well, it’s pretty much what you were expecting from the title. Chinese artist Xuedaixun spends his free time looking up cute pictures of cats and dogs and turns those into anime drawings. While that might sound simple enough, he does choose the more peculiar poses and replicates the mood perfectly in his human counterpart.











Xuedaixun mostly shares his art on his deviantart page or on weibo, but we’re pretty sure he’ll gain more followers fast once people get wind of his amazing art. It’s a simple enough concept, but I think it’s easy enough to see that not many people could pull it off the way Xuedaixun does. He uses the same pose, mood, color and even the same level of cuteness – and it’s hard to mimic an animal’s level of cute!











There’s not really much more to say about this, and I think the art pretty much speaks for itself. Xuedaixun took a concept that seemed simple enough and not all too innovative, but gave it an execution that rivals most other top artists. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more work from him (or her) in the future and we’ll all be on the first row to watch it unfold!