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10 Breathtaking Photos Taken From Inside Musical Instruments


Have you ever wondered how the world would look like if you were a tiny bug? Everything would be huge, and look surreal. Every puddle would be an ocean, every blade of grass would seem like a full-grown tree. Even the most mundane objects like musical instruments would look quite insane.



Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore! A genius Romanian artist Adrian Borda decided to show us exactly what it’s like to be trapped inside a viola, guitar, contrabass, and saxophone. And, spoiler alert, it’s as mesmerizing as you’ve imagined.

All the musical instruments in question were already broken and required serious repairs, so Adrian was able to put the cameras inside without damaging or destroying them. By the way, to take all these amazing shots he was walking around the house with the instruments, twisting them and turning, trying to get the best angle, sort of like he was trying to catch free HBO. The first photos took him hours to figure out the best way to showcase this beauty.


For some of the photos he used some light smoke and sawdust, to make the shots feel more magical. I have to admit, the lighting makes these photos look like they’ve been taken in some underground caves or something. Truly a masterpiece!

This artistic experiment will boggle the minds of people for decades to come, blurring the line between fantasy and a fantastic photos. Adrian truly has a great eye for these things. After all, he is a surrealist!