Saint Hoax Tries To Capture The Sadness of Fame With Surrealistic Oil Paintings


We spend our lives looking up to famous people, but it’s not too hard to imagine famous people being somewhat jealous of people like us. People that don’t spend every second of every day in the spotlight. Heck, we can get drunk on Fridays without the entire world knowing about it by Saturday evening. That’s a luxury lifestyle right there.

Artist Saint Hoax (not his real name), who is also on Instagram like most people these days, tries to capture the haunting, sad part of fame that seems to be so unavoidable. His method of choice is surrealistic oil paintings. While his technique is flawless, some of his work does seem to miss the point completely when it comes to the person’s sadness, but I guess that shouldn’t take away from how amazing these paintings are.

While his work doesn’t always feature the most tormented souls we can imagine, they’re all certainly characters who’ve had their episodes of madness and/or sadness in life. Objectively speaking, his work certainly is good. Good enough to get his own exhibition and showcase in art galleries. He doesn’t seem to be at it for very long – I might be wrong – so I’m sure we’ll see much more work from him in the future.

Only time will tell if this will be a name to remember, but let’s just enjoy his paintings for now. Because that’s pretty much all you can do with art anyway.