Amazing Portraits of Women as Zodiac Signs


Whatever your opinion might be on Zodiac signs and astrology, you’d be crazy if you weren’t impressed with the amazing artwork of Vivien Szaniszlo. This Hungarian artist decided that it’s time to reveal the typical personality characteristics of each Zodiac sign in a special, new way. I’m sure that these amazing portraits of women as Zodiac signs will blow your mind!


Aries are considered to be audacious and love to be the first in any competition, argument, or debate. They like to win. They have a bright, positive personality, which is reflected in the bright yellows and reds of this painting. But they also have a softer, cool and logical side – reflected by the cooler blue and purple tones in the background and the hair of the woman.


Tauruses are known to be strong-willed, stable, and hold their opinions hardly. They are driven by information, and like to base their views on facts. The clever use of newspaper cutouts in this portrait reflects this. The cooler tones are a reflection on the way Tauruses like to keep a cool head, but the bright dashes of red and yellow reveal that there is always a risk of a Taurus being more fierce and confident when the situation calls for it.


Geminis are adaptable and outgoing. They value intelligence and a good bit of fun. The bright colors of this portrait are perfect in showing this and conveying the fun, easygoing vibe of a Gemini. But like every astrological sign – Gemeni have a weakness and a dark side. There is always a more pessimistic and cautious side of them – one that can lead to indecision and unreliability.


Dark red on the top and cool shades of green and blue on the bottom – what a perfect depiction of the typical characteristics of a Cancer! Cancers are highly sensitive and it can be easy to get on the wrong side of a Cancer’s mood. It can, however, be equally as easy to brighten up a situation with some flattery and go back to those bright reds!


Always wants to be the boss of every situation. A natural-born leader. A fierce warrior who will fight until the end and never leave their friends behind. And look at Viven’s depiction! A perfect match – a fierce woman ready to put herself on the line for the things she believes in!


Cool, calm, and mysterious. Very much a moon sign. It’s difficult to look at this portrait and not think of every single Virgo friend you have. Nurturing and rule-abiding, soft and tender, friendly and caring.


Libras are obsessed with trying to create balance in their life and in the lives of the people around them. Sometimes this is a very good thing (a Libra is a great friend to have during a personal crisis), but sometimes their need to “balance” everything around them can get in the way of people exploring the “more extreme” aspects of their interests and personality.

And here, in this portrait, we see this reflected with very symmetrical composition, a heart blanked with a light feather, and the symmetrical wings in the eyes of the portrayed woman.


Bright, fun, friendly, and generally calm, but always ready to strike if they feel they or their friends are in danger! This Scorpio portrait is bright yellow balanced with cool purple – reflecting the fact that Scorpios are often mistakenly considered to be a fire sign, when in fact Scorpios are a water sign. But they are, characteristically, experts of subtlety and keeping things close to their chest.


Adaptable and flexible, but also loyal and hardest on keeping their friends close. The Sagittarius is level headed and likes to keep their composure in any situation, which is reflected by the cool and dark colors of the portrait. However, the flip side is that they will sometimes give up on what they want to satisfy those around them, also reflected in the body posture of the woman.


They’re ambitious (the woman is looking up and ahead), they’re persistent (eyes straight ahead, driven, going after their goal), and they’re realistic about their surroundings (dark eyes, full of knowledge). Of the 12 portraits in the series, this one is my personal favorite (even though I’m not a Capricorn).


Definitely a water sign, and you could guess this from the portrait even if you know absolutely nothing about astrology. They’re big thinkers, and this woman is quite obviously deep in thought.


Pisces are gentle and kind, they’re fans of deep spiritual exploration, and they have a deep understanding of themselves and those around them. Their internal balance is reflected by the Yin Yang arrangement of the white and black fish. Their cool personality (and the fact that they’re a water sign) are reflected by the deep blues and dark purples.