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Phenomenal Sketch Artist Draws Super-Detailed Buildings


Demi Lang is a self-taught artist from the UK, specializing in drawing architecture. Her Instagram account is filled with drawings so detailed that you’re starting to question the fact that she didn’t even major in arts. Thousands of hours, hundreds of pencils, pens, and gallons of ink – all that and 15 years of hard work made Demi the incredible artist she is today. Let’s look at some of her most prominent masterpieces:

Here’s Demi, surrounded by her awesome sketches.

Don’t you wish you had a house with an attic like this?

She even nailed the palms!

Is this Taj Mahal’s little brother?

Each of the strokes in her sketches is in the exact place where it belongs. The muted cold colors help the entire picture look aged and kinda “homely”. But I’m not an art critic, what do I know? As an art connoisseur, however, I can appreciate the intricacies and all the tiny details of Demi’s sketches. The way the light hits all the nooks and crannies, the great sense of scale and perspective – a chef’s kiss!

Just a simple gothic window and yet… it’s beautiful.

Not going to lie, the asymmetry is killing me, but it is what it is.

Hmmm, it looks like a museum somewhere in Europe. Maybe Germany or France?

Fifteen years is a lot of time to travel around the world, searching for some evocative places with fine pieces of architecture to sketch. With skills like hers, it’s no surprise that the Instagram crowd adores those drawings and can’t wait to see more.

This unfinished piece caught my eye with that stunning tower. It’s got that “Asian” vibe to it.

Okay, the longer you stare at this drawing, the more details you start noticing. Go on, zoom in.

And for dessert, I’ve picked this peaceful-looking cottage. A lovely little home for anyone sick and tired of the pandemic.