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Grandma Learns an Indelible Lesson: Wildlife Shouldn’t Be Disturbed


When it comes to untamed animals, it is essential to be cautious and aware of the risks involved. Clearly, the lady missed that memo. Wild horses, for instance, can be especially unpredictable. They may get very aggressive, and even though their hooves are made for galloping, they can easily trample anyone. Remember, these animals are not domesticated and may misread your behavior. So, always try to stay away.

The coasts of Maryland and Virginia have some of the most scenic views in the US. One such location is Assateague Island, where you can find magnificent wild horses prancing around the beach. The wild animals and picturesque views are perfect tourist attractions, but there are strict rules you need to adhere to for your own safety. Some people think they’re above the law.

Let’s take this old lady, for example. What was going through her mind when she tried to kick away a wild horse with a kids beach shovel? Whatever it was, the wild beast did not find it the least bit humorous. Imagine, the woman sees a hungry horse snacking on her beachside picnic, so she tries to scare it away. Instead, the woman learns a very important life lesson about aggravating wild animals. And just like that, the animal bucks up and hits the woman’s arm with its powerful kick, sending her tumbling down.

The lady looked dazed for a few seconds, rolling in the sand, while two smaller horses appeared out of nowhere to help their friend. This is why they have rules at Assateague Island specifically for these situations: “Do not touch or otherwise agitate the horses. Don’t even feed them.” There are numerous warning signs all over the island, telling the tourists the dangers of aggroing a wild horse. 

Just to make it clear to everyone, they had to issue an official statement emphasizing the dangers of getting too close to the wild horses, as they can kick, bite, and knock people down with ease. Respect their personal space, and they will do their best not to mess you up.