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Guy Travels Around the World Taking Adorable Selfies With Local Animals


Taking selfies while traveling is nothing new or original. Everyone wants to have those snippets of memories stored on their phones or in the cloud to be able to relive them again. After all, some of those moments might not ever happen again. Having the photos accessible on Instagram, we can show our friends and relatives all the coolest spots, picturesque places, and occasionally an adorable interaction with the local fauna, so that maybe next time they know where to go during their journey.

When it comes to taking selfies with cute animals, nobody does it better than this 29-year-old guy from the Australian Gold Coast named Allan Dixon, also known as the animal whisperer. He does not take just ordinary photos, oh no. Each of his shots is more charming than the previous, and they’re some of the most wholesome selfies on the Internet. According to Allan, to take such delightful pictures, all you need is a love for animals and some patience.

Usually, he approaches the animal, talks to them about the weather and the cryptocurrency prices, maybe a bit about the latest memes, you know, to make them relax a bit. If the animals know you’re a nerd, they’re less likely to bite you, right? Then, if the animal doesn’t seem to mind, he starts petting them and gives them treats before eventually snapping that one-of-a-kind selfie with them. Right now, Dixon’s collection includes dozens if not hundreds of cute pictures with quokkas, koalas, llamas, kangaroos, and other adorable beasties. Here are just some of the best shots!

Is it a common sight to find a kangaroo on a beach?

The smile makes this photo ten times better.

Here’s a selfie with a friendly alpaca.

Canadian moose is usually a fearsome creature and yet…

Small baby seal is too cute for this world.

Why the disappointed face, Dixon?

I can’t believe he made them sit still somehow.

Tell me this is not the most wholesome picture you’ve seen all day. I dare you!

Watch out! Don’t get stomped playing with the elephant, Allan.

The lemur’s face absolutely wins the Internet.

Look at that majestic horse. It knows what’s up.

Even turtles are lining up for a selfie with Allan.

Guys, he actually found Nemo!

Even though it’s just a regular duck, the shot is still insanely rare.

And lastly, we have a wholesome selfie with the legendary Aussie YouTuber/Animator Jaiden, and her lovely bird friend Ari <3