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Chameleons Holding Tiny Weapons Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of 2020


Michigan resident Emma Ward has a cute chameleon named Olive. It knows how to camouflage itself, shoot out that super-long tongue, and enjoy a sheltered life in general. As it often happens to peace-loving creatures, they get bullied by other, more aggressive species. So one day, Olive decides she’s had enough of this tranquil life and takes up her ancestral blade – the Clutch – to go out there, gather an army, and defeat the evil lizard. I mean wizard.

  1. This is Olive, and she’s ready to cut the bad guys down.

2. Her halberd is even more imposing.

3. But this… this sword-gun seems to be a perfect fit for both close and ranged combat. Very smart, lizard!

4. The sniper has joined the battle.

Wouldn’t that be awesome, huh? Sadly the truth is a bit more mundane. Olive will grab any object, be it a small sword, a LEGO cup, or basically, anything tiny enough for her to clutch. And you have to admit that everything looks funny in those widdle paws.

5. And then there’s Jerry, sitting there with a cup of coffee.

6. You should never underestimate Jerry, though. He’s a psycho!

7. Don’t believe me? Meet his little brother – Rexie.

When she gave Olive that LEGO sword, she did not expect the lizard to get worldwide fame in a matter of weeks. The images went viral! More than 360,000 people liked the post just on Twitter, and that’s not counting Instagram, Imgur, and Reddit. Naturally, after getting such a positive response, other users joined the trend, posting their own pets holding things, and even artists doing renditions of those scaly warriors.

8. The druid has spoken. Make peace, not war.

9. Chameleons aren’t the only animals who can hold things.

10. This flying squirrel is just as (if not more) adorable!