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Rescue Dog Pictures Before and After Adoption That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


Millions of homeless animals are waiting for their forever homes, but unfortunately, there are far too many of them to fit in my tiny apartment. So to help these cuddly little cuties get adopted by loving families (meaning us), we should all take them from local shelters instead of purchasing 10,000-dollar pure breeds. 

Anyway, pets deserve our love and respect just like anyone you care about since they are usually stuck with us their whole lives. Sometimes it’s a short couple of years, and other times, they’ll stay by our side for decades as loyal friends and cuddle buddies. But they are always incredibly grateful — especially the poor pups in this gallery below. Get ready to shed a few tears for the cute rescue dogs!

1. This pupperoni definitely looks happier at home than on that cold slab of concrete.

2. This dog named Bug came to the shelter straight from the street confused and frightened, but everyone instantly fell in love with her. She was able to find her forever home and a soft, warm bed.

3. Volunteers noticed this dog at one of the abandoned construction sites. A year later, she got adopted and now lives like a queen!

4. These photos are one year apart, if you can believe that. He almost got fat thanks to all that sweet love.

5. This dog was tortured by the previous owners and then thrown out in the street. But after spending eighteen months in a new house, he learned to trust people again.

6. This dog returned to the shelter six years after being adopted when his owner died. However, two years later, she found happiness in a brand-new home.

7. This dog only had three years to live, but seeing her transformation makes us feel a little better.

8. Caster moved into his new house in the UK from Romania. That’s a lot of mileage for a puppy!

9. This beautiful boy was rescued from a breeding facility by a Korean family and finally gained some healthy weight.

10. You can hardly believe this is even the same dog. Thanks to great care, she’s now fully healed and full of life!

11. These two used to live with a family, but one day they got lost. After many long months of looking around, the owners decided to adopt new dogs from a shelter. Imagine their surprise when they saw their beloved pets caged inside! What are the chances?

12. This is Loki before and after adoption. He’s freaking smiling!

13. George is another victim of abusive breeding. Puppy mills are unforgivable and must be stopped! Look how much happier this little guy is when he feels loved. It’s heartbreaking.

14. This beautiful girl had to wait for her new family for over three years, but it was heckin’ worth it.

15. In just a few weeks, this cutie has gone from a nervous stray to the most adorable doggo in the world!