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Russian Girl Adopts Cute Lynx Kittens And Becomes An Internet Sensation


Anastasia loves animals, especially cats, but she couldn’t justify getting a furry feline friend, since she already had eight dogs and three horses. However, one day she started looking for a type of cat that would not mind having all those doggos around him or her. Imagine a tiny, terrified kitten sharing an apartment with a big husky and even bigger Samoyed. Yeah, desperate times require desperate measures!

When she discovered that there were still fur farms where lynxes were raised for their fur, she knew what had to be done. The cat lady decided to adopt the helpless animals and is now sharing their mischievous shenanigans on her Instagram. Anastasia named the first lynx kitten Geralt, after the main character of “The Witcher” series. He’s just as adventurous as his book counterpart, and even more fierce when it comes to hunting frozen chicken for dinner.

Surprisingly, the dogs helped Anastasia take care of the wild cat. They entertained him, let him chew their ears and paws, basically became his personal pillows, and even didn’t mind when Geralt stole their food. What a great bunch of friends it is!

When Geralt was one year old, the girl decided to adopt another lynx. This time it was a girl. Anastasia named her “Bulochka” (which in Russian means “bun”) as she was hella adorable. Even though the lynxes are generally loners, Geralt and Bun got along quite well, as if they were close relatives.

Anastasia quickly trained the big cats to use the cat litter box and started walking them on a leash, like dogs. But the neighbors were not thrilled about living side-by-side with feral lynxes that could pounce on their weiner dogs at any moment. Some people from the animal services even paid Anastasia a visit to see how the pets are being treated. Luckily, the crazy cat lady proved that she takes good care of her beasts, and there were no further surprise raids from the authorities (so far).

Now Anastasia enjoys her time living with 13 animals and says that in the future, there’s a good chance she will save more animals from the greasy hands of fur lovers. Seriously, guys, stop wearing fur, you’re not cavepeople!