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The Cutest Cat Breed for Each Zodiac Sign


Contrary to popular belief, cats of different breeds can differ greatly not only in appearance but also in character. Anyone who loves hanging around with a Sphinx is unlikely to get along with a Persian. Have you ever wondered which cat breed fits your Zodiac sign best? Hopefully not, but we can still answer that question!

1. Aries — Siberian

Aries are active, fearless, and energetic. They need a cat that is as bouncy as they are. Therefore, getting a Siberian cat for Aries as soon as possible is a great idea. These fluffballs are very playful and could be your way to become famous on Instagram or YouTube. Even when they get older, they don’t stop zooming around the house, doing aerial tricks, and playing with their favorite toys.

2. Taurus — LaPerm

Tactile by nature, Tauruses like to explore the world through touch, and that’s exactly why they would love to have a furry companion like a LaPerm, who constantly taps everything with its paws. They are known for rubbing against everyone and everything in their path. Totally adorable.

3. Gemini — Siamese

The most sociable sign is probably the Gemini. They always know what to say and how to say it. Siamese cats are the most vocal of all other breeds, so if you’re into midnight yowling and cute meows, this is definitely a kitty for you. Plus, a Siamese cat will protect your family members and guard the house like a dog.

4. Cancer — Somali

Cancers are sensitive and emotional, so they need a cat breed that will always be by their side. Of course, a Somali cat is the best fit in this case. These kitties can be quite active but also love to cheer up their owners by curling up on their lap.

5. Leo — Abyssinian

Leos, like many other bigs cats, need to be the center of attention at all times. They constantly seek praise and admiration from those around them, which is why Abyssinians are a good fit for them. These arrogant fluffs also want to be in the spotlight as the only cat in the house and will not tolerate other pets.

6. Virgo — Persian

Virgos are known for being a little shy, so they always take time to let the new people in their lives. The same goes for the Persian cats. These balls of fur can be a bit aggressive and distrustful at first but will be yours forever once you win their respect and love.

7. Libra — Ragdoll

Libras love the company of other people (and pets, of course) and absolutely despise loneliness. This is why the Ragdoll cats are perfect for them and will be their most devoted companion. These delightful creatures will follow you all day and make the perfect couch or bed companions. In addition, they are incredibly sweet and affectionate.

8. Scorpio — Russian Blue

Scorpios know what they want and will do anything to get it. They are natural-born leaders who are not afraid to be assertive, which is why the Russian Blue is the kinda cat that is meant for them. These little rascals know how to get what they want, be it fun-time with you or tasty treats. Sometimes Russian Blues can be a bit naughty, but you shouldn’t get mad at these cute creatures. It’s not their fault.

9. Sagittarius — Sphynx

Sagittarians are curious about the world around them and are also incredibly open-minded compared to the rest of the Zodiac. This is why they would love to have a Sphynx cat. Many find hairless cats unattractive, not realizing that they are very affectionate and loyal creatures with great potential for some funny videos.

10. Capricorn — Korat

Nothing is more important than family for Capricorns. They like to spend time with their loved ones as often as possible, which is why a Korat cat would be a perfect pet for them. Like Capricorns, these cats form strong bonds with the people in their lives. They are more than just adorable pets — they are real family members.

11. Aquarius — Burmese

Aquarians strive to make the world a better place for everyone, which is why they often volunteer at animal shelters or collect garbage at a local beach. The Burmese cat has the same vibe and is always ready to help its owner. They are always close to their humans but usually do not attract attention, preferring to remain silent supporters.

12. Pisces — Ragamuffin

Pisces are always reserved and calm and hate it when something or someone tries to unnerve them. That is why the ragamuffin cat is the ideal breed for them. They love to curl up on their laps while their owner watches TV, listens to music, or reads a book. Alternatively, if you’re trying to work on your laptop, this kitty will always try to help by pressing all the keys and being too cute for this world.