Xherdan The Naked Cat is Taking Over Instagram

Naked cats usually aren’t the prettiest cats you can find. They look wrinkled, weird and kind of like they weren’t born on this planet. Some people seem to be very fond of them however, and it was only a matter of time before one of them took over Instagram. Meet Xherdan the Naked Cat.

Tiger in the Bronx Zoo Infected with COVID-19

You know things with the COVID-19 pandemic are getting worse when you hear about animals contracting it. So far, we knew that they could be transferring the disease, like everyone else, but other than that, our furry friends were in the safe zone. However, everything’s changed after an infected but still asymptomatic Bronx Zoo worker came in contact with a tigress named Nadia.

Quimera The Two-Faced Cat

Think about it – Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and other cats became viral sensations because they were different, and unique. The internet didn’t see their features as a bad trait, in fact their genetic mutations were celebrated and adored. It seems like we as people are starting to value difference and uniqueness above all.

6 Reasons Sharks Are Afraid of Dolphins

When we think of a species that rules the seas, most people will probably end up with sharks. Pretty much to everyone’s surprise, there’s a type of animal that lives in the sea and scares the living jeebies out of sharks – dolphins.

Wilford The Round Boy That Will Steal Your Heart

Today, in the spirit of round boys, we’re going to share with you the story of Wilford. He is a big pound cat with a big personality. Unfortunately for him, his carers could no longer look after him and have left him at a shelter…

Spider Bites: All You Need To Know

Many people are afraid of spiders even though we know that the majority of them are quite harmless. Most of them can’t even bite humans and if they can, in most cases it’s quite harmless. Today we’re going to talk about spider bites.

Super Realistic And Extra Cute Felt Animals By Russian Artist | Brain Berries

Super Realistic And Extra Cute Felt Animals By Russian Artist

These fluffy little animals are made by a Russian artist Yulia Derevschikova using a special wool felting technique. The result is both incredibly realistic and almost ethereal at the same time. These felted animals will stun you and make you feel like you stepped into a fairy tale world.

The Deadliest Insects In The World | Brain Berries

The Deadliest Insects In The World

Insects are the opposite of fun, aren’t they? While in most parts of the world they’re just a nuisance that you have to learn to deal with, there’s places where insects have evolved to the point where they’re natural born killers.

Japanese Dancing Cat Blew Up the Internet! | Brain Berries

Japanese Dancing Cat Blew Up the Internet!

Most kitties land on all four paws after they fall, but this guy right here is made of rubber it seems, as he’ll spring back up, do three backflips, and strike a pose at the end of his stunt.

A Dotted Zebra?! What Sorcery Is This? | Brain Berries

A Dotted Zebra?! What Sorcery Is This?

Millions of years of evolution lead to zebra’s stripy visage as we know it today. But did you know that thanks to spontaneous mutations or some recessive genes, zebras can have spots instead of stripes?

What’s The Perfect Pet For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Representatives of each Zodiac sign have their inclinations, needs, and requirements for house pets. For some people, their pet must be a faithful friend; others prefer shy and lazy animals, which will make them forget all about the feeling of loneliness, without requiring high maintenance. Some would choose the most unusual creatures despite all the red flags.

The 7 Most Beautiful Butterflies In The World | Her Beauty

The 7 Most Beautiful Butterflies In The World

Butterflies are weird creatures. Pretty much everyone hates insects, but we also consider butterflies to be alright. No one really knows why, but compared to wasps or spiders, no one tries to teleport away whenever they see a butterfly. And since we’re cool with these critters, let’s take a look at the most beautiful ones.

The Happiest Shiba Inu On Instagram!

This is Hachi, he’s a gorgeous rescued Shiba Inu and the best dog in the whole wide world. Thanks to his “aibo”, or partner, Masayo Ishizuki, who is always there to snap a few adorable photos in Japan’s most picturesque locations, there are no dull days for Hachi.

10 Amazingly Cute Albino Animals

Albinism is a genetic condition where animals (or people) are born without pigment (color) in their bodies. Skin coloring happens because of melanin, and animals with albinism don’t produce enough (or any) melanin — making their skin and/or scales completely white. Sometimes that makes them look like ghosts, but sometimes it makes them look very cool and unusual.