The Deadliest Insects In The World


Insects are the opposite of fun, aren’t they? While in most parts of the world they’re just a nuisance that you have to learn to deal with, there are places where insects have evolved to the point where they’re natural-born killers.

Let’s take a look at some of the deadliest insects you can find. Well, or avoid. I’d avoid them.


They pretty much have these everywhere, but the main source of being so dangerous is that they’re freakishly good at passing on diseases between human hosts. Malaria might be the most known and dangerous disease they spread, but I can assure you the list is a lot longer.

Fire Ants

Where other ants hurt you by just having a nasty bite, fire ants will swarm you. They’re very protective and if you step on them accidentally, the entire colony will defend itself against you – without mercy.

Fire Ants | The Deadliest Insects In The World | Brain Berries

Bullet Ants

They’re called bullet ants because their sting hurts like getting shot. If you need more reasons to avoid this creature, I’m not sure what else I can throw at you.

Bullet Ants | The Deadliest Insects In The World | Brain Berries

Bot Flies

Yes, these are the flies that implant larvae underneath your skin, waiting for them to burst out once they’re grown. While not necessarily lethal, it sure is mentally scarring.

Bot Flies | The Deadliest Insects In The World | Brain Berries

Japanese Hornets

I mean, they look like giant wasps and they can pretty much kill as you’d expect from giant wasps. It’s also attracted to humans who are running, so running away will only make you more of a target.

Japanese Hornets | The Deadliest Insects In The World | Brain Berries

Driver Ants

These ants are constantly on the move in huge numbers and will devour anything on their path. Their swarm is so massive that local communities actually temporarily move when a driver ant colony is approaching.

Driver Ants | The Deadliest Insects In The World | Brain Berries


Considering how they can only sting you once, as opposed to wasps, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain to you that this sting hurts a lot more by comparison. If you want to remove a hive of these, they will all go on the attack. Without a professional to deal with hives, you simply can’t remove them without risking your life.