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14 Chicken Couples In Love by Moreno Monti


Professional photographer Moreno Monti and his friend Matteo know how to inspire with their fantastic work. Each of their pictures shows how lovely different chicken can look as couples. They take different breeds of chickens, which are rarely seen in the rural area and then mash them together, thus creating a spark of love.

Moreno started using chickens as models after a photoshoot at a bird show. His partner and friend Matteo supported this idea and started helping him. This collaboration brought great success in the form of a photo-book, which showcases the beauty of these clucking birds.

According to the author, this is meant to be a tribute to love and diversity because love is love. And I must say, the chickens do sell that statement quite well. They’re all different, but they don’t care. We could learn a couple of tricks about acceptance from these feathery fowls.

You can yap about the beauty of these photos forever, but why talk when we can see it with our own eyes?

These look like your regular rural chicken, but I’m not an ornithologist.

The fluffiest of all hens!

I wish chicks had afros… oh wait, they already do!

Hear me out: daddy-long-legs but as a bird. 

That mustache is insane!

They look like the cutest dandelions ever.

Remember Jurassic Park? Yeah, chickens are basically raptors.

It doesn’t matter, black or white.

Here’s Big Momma and Daddy Slimjim – the happiest chicken family out there.

Such a beautiful coat of feathers, wow.

Those feather floofs look like puffs of smoke.

Are those chicken ears?

More of those fascinating raptors.

And lastly, it’s 100% a duel. You know, the one with counting the steps and shooting first. Change my mind.