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Dog Prevents Owner From Traveling to Wuhan And Is Officially The Goodest Girl Ever


Look, as a dog owner myself, I can confirm two things: your dogs probably care about you more than you care about yourself, and dogs love chewing on things. It’s a rare occasion to have these two – admittedly, very different – types of behavior overlap, but it happened to a Taiwanese woman.

As the world is holding its breath to see how the Coronavirus evolves (or better yet: hopefully doesn’t evolve) on a global scale, one particular canine figured she’d save her owner’s life and prevent her from traveling there in the first place.

And how did the dog make this happen, you ask? Well, she decided the perfect chewing toy for that day was her passport. Yup – the trip was off. Because the dog, who looks very guilty but equally adorable in these pictures, ate the woman’s passport, she was unable to travel to the Wuhan area like she originally intended to. A few days later, the first reports of the Coronavirus started coming in.

This dog, named Kimi, might have saved her owner’s life in ways even she couldn’t have foreseen. The Coronavirus has infected thousands so far and killed over a hundred people.

China is taking extreme precautions to avoid the virus from spreading further and people have been diagnosed with the Corona virus in the US, Australia and some European countries. It looks like Corona won’t be gone for at least a little while longer, but Kimi’s owner won’t be one of the victims.

If you still need more reasons of why dogs are awesome, I’m not sure what I could say other than they would literally save your life if they could.