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Meet Kefir, The Biggest Maine Coon in the World


Have you ever seen a human-sized cat? Granted, this extra-large kitty is not as big as an adult, but he’s only two years old. Snow-white Maine Coon named Kefir has already conquered both hemispheres, although not everyone believes that he is real, and honestly, who can blame them?

Kefir is not even two years old yet, but he already looks like he could eat a horse for dinner every day, and we can only imagine what it must feel like for his owner to anger this beast. In reality, this giant fluffball is just a tender cuddle monster. Even as a kitten, he was larger than an ordinary domestic cat. Now he weighs over 30 lbs, and there’s still time to grow! An adult Maine Coon grows up to 4 ft in length, including the fluffy tail, and Kefir is up there already.

People online joke that Kefir feeds on the souls of the unworthy, washing them down with vodka, which doesn’t sound that outlandish since, after all, he does live in the land of Putin. His owner Yulia feeds him natural food and reassures everyone that his diet contains only freshly ground liver pate (no human meat whatsoever). What a super diet!

Kefir sits at the table with the whole family and has his own spot and a personal plate. He’s also a very good boy when it comes to his cat habits. He doesn’t ruin furniture, doesn’t meow like crazy in the dead of night, and probably knows how to flush but pretends not to. According to Julia, he’s a super-smart cat who can feel the general vibes in the room. A truly perfect house cat.

The only downside to keeping a Maine Coon is the incredible amount of hair it leaves everywhere. White fur, which is extremely visible on any clothes, furniture, and even the floor, might be quite a problem if you have allergies. It’s a real disaster, especially when the guests come over unannounced. There was a time when Yulia tried grooming Kefir, but that didn’t help anyone in the long run.

We can’t tell for sure whether Yulia’s friends are scared of this monster or not, but many people online have stated that they would rather not risk coming anywhere near Kefir. To some, he resembles a cougar, and others joke that he’s a demon from another dimension. You know how stupid kids on the Internet are these days. There was even a version that Kefir was actually the girl’s husband, who turned into a cat. But the majority of users simply cannot believe the size of the cat and claim that it is photoshop, demanding some kind of proof from the owner. 

What do you think? Is the beast real, or is it yet another lie on the Internet?