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The Science Behind Different Belly Button Shapes


Your belly button, whether it’s an innie or an outie, could apparently reveal a lot about your personality and even your future. This belief comes from “omphilomancy,” an ancient Chinese practice that involves studying navel shapes to figure out personality traits and predict life outcomes.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into your navel and see how long you have left to live!

1. Protruding Navel (Outie)

People with a belly button that sticks out a bit are often seen as outgoing, confident, and upbeat. They can be pretty stubborn, love being in the spotlight, and are super driven to reach their goals. This type of belly button, often found in babies as an umbilical hernia, suggests someone who sticks to their beliefs and takes their time finding the right partner, but once they do, they form strong, lasting relationships. Typically, people with an outie live to be about 72 years old. Many women might get an outie during pregnancy due to abdominal pressure, and some choose to have surgery to change how it looks.

2. Deep and Round Navel

If you have a deep, round belly button, it’s often seen as a sign that you’re modest, chill, and kind-hearted. People with this type of navel usually come off as quiet and shy, and they might be hesitant to talk about their problems. Despite being reserved, they’re loyal and caring friends. This belly button shape can also indicate a bit of extra abdominal fat and looks like a shadow under the belly button fold. According to omphilomancy, people with this type of navel tend to live the longest, with an average life expectancy of 81 years.

3. Vertical/Oblong Navel

The most common of them all, a vertical or oblong belly button, which is narrow and thin, usually means that a person is confident, generous, and emotionally stable. This belly button shape is also linked to having high self-esteem and a balanced personality. Cosmetic procedures have made it possible for people to achieve this shape if they so choose. Folks with a vertical navel generally have a life expectancy of about 75 years.

4. Horizontal Navel

If you were born with a horizontal belly button that spreads sideways, it could mean you have a complex and emotional personality. People with this navel shape might be careful about who they trust, but they’re incredibly loyal. They uphold the principle of treating others fairly, demonstrating their fair-mindedness. This shape, often referred to as a T-type belly button, is associated with an average life expectancy of approximately 68 years.

5. Off-Center Navel

All those of you with an off-center belly button have fun and unique personalities, but you often experience mood swings and strong emotions. This type of navel can shift a bit during pregnancy as your stomach stretches. People perceive those with this belly button shape as dynamic and unpredictable, with an average life expectancy of approximately 70 years.

6. Oval Shape

Having an egg-shaped belly button usually means that the person is hyperactive and overly sensitive. People with an egg-shaped belly button may take things too seriously, become easily hurt, and often suppress their emotions before they explode. Impatience and boredom are also not the most positive qualities to have, and can be a struggle at times. People with this type of navel generally live to about 65 years.