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New Ninja Covid Variant Is The Most Dangerous Yet  

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is ever evolving as new variants, vaccines and knowledge of the virus continue to develop. The latest variant that has arisen is a subvariant of the original Omicron variant: BA.5, also known as the Ninja Covid variant. And what many experts are saying about this variant is pretty alarming…

How To Survive A Deadly Pandemic

Unless you’ve been really actively avoiding the news, you’ve probably heard of this virus called Covid-19 that’s taking over the world. It’s got everything you’d expect from a regular old flu, only that it’s way more contagious and slightly more lethal. You might be asking yourself how you might survive a virus like that, but we’ve got just the tips that will help you.

The 8 Biggest Infectious Disease Outbreaks Of The Last Decade

We don’t live in an ideal world. In fact, there’s a new pandemic called the nCoV-2019 in China and the past decade was full of horrible disease outbreaks that infected hundreds of thousands of people and killed many of them too. Let’s take a look at 8 biggest infectious disease outbreaks of the last decade and learn a little about how to identify them and how to protect ourselves from them.

How Healthy Body Image Changed Through History

We keep hearing in the media about obesity rates skyrocketing but we’re also all obsessed with looking fit. But what is fit? What’s a healthy body? Is there one ideal for all? Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what was considered healthy throughout history.