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Would It Kill You To Go To The Gym Every Day?


Working out regularly, provided that the exercise is performed correctly and the load distribution schedule is well-balanced, will help keep the body in great physical condition. But what if you ditched the schedule and started powering up like Super Saiyan Goku all day, every day? Working out transforms not only your body but also relieves stress and improves your mood, so wouldn’t there be more benefits to your body if you train every day?

To put it politely, daily exercise is still not recommended. The body needs to recover from stress. If there is no recovery, you will only make it worse for yourself. In any case, before you start exercising in the gym, you should consult with a personal trainer. 

Age, gender, level of training — based on these parameters, they will figure out the most optimal routine for you, using which you will keep getting stronger and, hopefully, won’t die of exhaustion from the grueling workouts. If the body does not have time to recover properly, you risk messing up the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems.

The frequency and duration of specific exercises depend on their focus. But all you need to know is that regular power training is very dangerous for the body. Recovery requires energy, and the more exhausting the workouts, the more strength the body needs to bring everything back to normal. If you don’t pace yourself, over time, you will get tired of working out in the gym faster and faster. 

A feeling of weakness will always be following your every step throughout the day; your overall performance will begin to decline, and you’ll grow grumpier and grumpier with each training session. And the final cherry on this crap sundae will be that one day all those bad vibes and exhaustion will force you to stop exercising at all, and that’s where the real problems start. Heart problems, low mobility, indigestion, ulcer, and who knows what other conditions will haunt your daily life.

So how often should one exercise? First, you’d need to set your personal goal, but generally speaking, visiting the gym 3-4 times a week is the optimal amount. You don’t need to force yourself to work out every day as you won’t achieve anything by doing it more frequently. Let your body rest so that the muscular system has time to recover. For beginners, it’s recommended to do no more than one hour a day. With experience, that time frame will expand to one and a half and even two hours, or you can just make the workout more intense.