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What Happens to You When You Binge-Watch Your Favorite Series


With the rise of streaming services, binge-watching has become a huge deal in recent decades. Before we had Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and Disney+, however, people were forced to use Blockbuster’s CD/DVD disks to be able to watch entire seasons of their favorite shows.

Nowadays, there are so many streaming sites you can just pay 10-20 bucks and enjoy whatever TV shows and/or movies you’re willing to binge. But there’s a catch. Actually, a few catches, to be honest. You see, our bodies aren’t meant for this much satisfaction, and after binging 10-15 episodes, you start to realize something’s off about you.

So what happens to your body when you binge-watch your favorite series?

1. Binging causes addiction

That’s right, you get so invested in the intricate details of a multi-season show that you simply forget about everything else, including loved ones, food, water, and sometimes even work.

2. Heart troubles

Our bodies require movement to stay in top shape, so sitting in one place for hours is probably not the best idea ever. It’s also a well-known cause of different heart issues and sometimes aneurysms.

3. Eyes strained

Our eyes are a natural miracle that’s able to zoom in and out, change focus, see thousands of colors, and yet, if they stand still for 10 hours straight, you’ll definitely regret your life choices.

4. Messed up sleep schedule

Sleep schedule is vital for any functioning individual. You work all day, have some beers in the evening, sleep for 8-9 hours, and that’s pretty much it. You live a happy and long life. But when you add binge-watching to the formula, it all gets screwed. You still work all day, but now all you want to do is watch the adventures of Lucifer in Los Angeles until you realize it’s 4 AM, and you’re getting 4 hours of sleep/ which then, in turn, messes up your whole week or even month.

5. Depression and anxiety

Incessant binging usually means the person has nothing better to do in life. They’re a lonely soul whose only companions are the actors inside the box, and that’s very sad. Imagine getting so into the characters that you consider them your friends, and then BAM! Your favorite show has been canceled for no good reason.

6. Skin problems

Unless you’re binging your content while laying on a beach sunbathing, your skin doesn’t get the necessary vitamins and all that good stuff. Some people have adapted to the caveman-like living conditions, but there are still fair-skinned freelancers out there who will not survive another pandemic being locked in four walls, watching Friends for the 20th time.

7. Diabetes

Where there’s a lack of movement and a bad diet, there’s a good chance of getting diabetes. If you’re lucky, it will just be a few extra pounds of fat, but if you keep eating those cookies at 3 AM every night, you can bet your fat bottom there will be consequences.

8. Numb butt syndrome

The human butt is not just a comfy cushion it’s also made of muscles. And do you know what happens to muscles that are rarely used? They wither away, especially when all you do is sit on your bum all day and watch all 900+ episodes of One Piece. Trust me, I’ve been there. The “numb butt” syndrome is not a laughing matter. Just stand up once in a while and do some Jumping Jacks, okay? Thank me later.