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Was The Real Avril Lavigne Replaced by a Lookalike Named Melissa?


The queen of pop-punk, Avril Lavigne, finally addressed the long-standing conspiracy theory involving her being the fake Avril. The theory, which has persisted for over a decade, suggests that Avril struggled with fame and took her own life, prompting her record label to replace her with a woman named Melissa to keep profiting from Avril’s success and who also just so happens to be a perfect clone of Lavigne, apparently.

Avril rose to fame in 2002 with hits like “Complicated” and “Sk8er Boi” when she was just 17. According to the conspiracy, after releasing her debut album, Let Go, Avril couldn’t handle the pressure of stardom and the death of her grandfather, leading to her supposed death. The theory claims that Melissa, who was initially hired to distract paparazzi, took over Avril’s public role entirely after her death, with the label covering it up to continue cashing in on her rising popularity.


If you’re as chronically online as us, you might have come across the whacky cons p ir acy theory that Avril Lavigne was replaced by ‘Melissa’ in 2003 👀 The story gained so many legs that @Joanne McNally even did a whole podcast series about it!! But now in her first ever podcast appearance, Avril Lavigne has addressed the rumours head on saying ‘it’s so dumb’ #avrillavigne #callherdaddy #avrillavignemelissa #theory #spotify #podcast #sk8rboi #artsandculture ♬ original sound – The News Movement

This theory started circulating in 2005 by a group of haters, most likely, but gained significant attention in 2011 when a blog called “Avril Is Dead” started doubling down on it. One thing to note is that even the blog’s opening line states it’s a hoax, but people rarely read anything beyond the big title. Many Internet users fell for the detailed breakdown of supposed evidence, including changes in Avril’s wardrobe as well as a sharp turn in her music later on. Some fans even claim her album, Under My Skin, has a hidden subliminal message from this supposed “Melissa” girl saying she’s not the real Avril.

The Melissa conspiracy has been bobbing in and out of social media for over a decade, and Avril has addressed it multiple times, consistently denying the ridiculous claims. In 2017, the singer responded to a fan on Facebook, asking if she was dead. Of course, she denied it and said that people have too much free time on their hands.

Recently, Avril appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast and was again baffled that the conspiracy was still a thing. The podcast host brought up the rumor, to which Avril responded with a defiant thumbs-up, saying that it could have been worse. And there’s definitely no denying that.

Fans have praised Avril Lavigne for her chill attitude towards the relentless rumors. Despite the bizarre theory’s persistence, Avril remains unfazed and continues to take the speculation in stride. Her relaxed approach and sense of humor about the whole situation have only strengthened her connection with her fans.