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Real Telekinesis or Top-Secret Chinese Tech?


Big news has hit the scientific world recently: scientists have proven that you can control things from a distance.

The new study results are the first step toward the future of unlocking the capabilities of the human mind, namely telekinesis. Moving objects with the power of thought has been a wet dream of many nerds ever since our common ancestor was unable to reach a juicy fruit growing up high. Then there was the whole Star Wars era with the Force, but today, Chinese scientists are actively working to make this a reality, according to SciTechDaily.

Big-brained researchers from the Chinese Air Force Engineering University took the first step toward remote control of metamaterials using human brain waves. Metamaterials are artificially created materials that have unusual physical properties, including electromagnetic properties that do not occur in nature. Two-dimensional metamaterials are called meta-surfaces, which have unprecedented control over electromagnetic waves. According to scientists, you can create programmable meta-surfaces with various functions that can be controlled remotely with the human mind.

It is widely known that electromagnetic waves are created when humans use their brains. Scientists have suggested that brain waves, which can be used as signals, can control the meta-surfaces. In the study, Chinese scientists were able to achieve remote control of the meta-surface through the transmission of human brain waves to a special receiver. The researchers wanted to ensure that humans could control the electromagnetic response of a programmable meta-surface. They achieved this by demonstrating the user remotely controlling the metasurface coding sequence through the special brainwave module, affecting the scattering mode of electromagnetic waves.

The experiment results showed that a person was more effective in controlling the functions of the meta-surface using brain waves than with the help of manual devices. Now scientists plan to continue conducting similar experiments to improve the quality of control of the meta-surface with the help of the human mind.

Scientists believe this proto-telekinesis technology can be applied to meta-surfaces in various areas, including monitoring patients’ health, data transmission in the 5G and 6G networks, and other applications.

Give it a few more years, and TK implants will become a reality!