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These New Photos of Jupiter Are Absolutely Surreal


A couple of weeks ago, scientists received a fresh batch of new photos of the gas giant from the Juno satellite. Juno’s phenomenal camera managed to capture some undeniably unique phenomena. At the time of taking the picture, the satellite was only 104,600 kilometers from the tippy-top of Jupiter’s clouds.

The storms there look like an oil painting. It even looks 3D if you look closer.

Clouds deadlier than anything on Earth. Great job, Juno!

How can you not love space after seeing this? It’s terrifying and fascinating at the same time.

Many of the pictures show a ginormous orange spot on the surface of the planet. This is a dust storm that has been raging on for about 150 years and will continue on for another five-to-ten decades, due to the fact that Jupiter has virtually no solid ground. Maybe the title of the “gas giant” doesn’t have anything to do with interplanetary flatulence, after all.

Nothing special. Just a regular old solar eclipse on a different planet. KIDDING! This photo gave me goosebumps.

Here are the legendary Great Red Spot and other less legendary gassy storms in the Southern hemisphere.

They say that if you stare into the Great Red Spot long enough, it will stare back at you. But if you ask me, it’s definitely worth losing your sanity over! Also, that swirling milky storm right below the Red Spot is the aforementioned Oval BA.

Also, Juno was able to capture another massive storm gaining momentum – Oval BA. It is a funnel-like whirlwind of death that was created by three smaller storms combining into one big disaster-level anomaly around 2000 years ago.

Normal planets have ice-covered poles but not Jupiter. Jupiter gets more gas swirls.

Jupiter’s South pole doesn’t have snow or ice or ground for that matter. It’s just a never-ending nightmare down there.