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Top 7 Most Technologically Advanced Robots


You can love robots, you can be afraid and not trust them, but, no matter how we treat them, these fantastic creations have become our reality. We have witnessed the development of robotics from the simplest robots to the perfect androids with artificial intelligence.

Here are some of the most sophisticated pieces of tech in the world!

The Smartest Android Sophia

Sophia is considered to be one of the most recognizable AI robots today. She is equipped with human-like thinking and very natural facial expressions and can carry the conversation for hours if necessary. This robot lady is mainly famous for joking about exterminating all of humanity, but aside from that, she has also visited many countries, obtained Saudi Arabian citizenship, and this one time, she even mocked Elon Musk.

Robot bartender Kime

Kime is a food- and drink-serving robot who was created in Spain. He has a human-like head and torso with two arms that operate with surgical precision. Tests carried out at gas stations in Europe and Spanish breweries have shown that Kime is pretty fast and can serve up to 300 glasses per hour thanks to his innovative sensors and machine learning software that’s only going to keep improving.

Robot dog SpotMini

In 2016, Boston Dynamics revealed a four-legged friend to the world. It was cute and, at the same time, somewhat creepy. SpotMini can move independently, avoid obstacles, climb and descend stairs, and open doors. SpotMini sees its surroundings using a 3D vision system, and its main task is to guard the house, apparently. The creators are confident that he will soon be able to replace the living guards with this impressive feat of engineering.

The big boy Atlas

This bipedal humanoid robot can walk over rough terrain, carry heavy loads, and climb obstacles with its hands. Atlas is equipped with stereo vision and a rangefinder, which makes him even more akin to humans. In 2016, a video in which a company employee pushed Atlas with a stick and knocked the box out of his hands went viral. And suddenly, the whole world was worried that this was the beginning of the robot uprising or something. Thankfully, it’s just a very sophisticated trash can. By the way, a year later, he was already doing back somersault, climbed on racks, and jumped over logs. So maybe we’re not out of the water just yet.

Teacher-robot Pepper

Softbank Robotics’ Pepper is a friendly assistant with the ability to read people’s emotions, designed for the work of a secretary, salesperson, and even a nanny. Pepper is equipped with an integrated educational development environment (IDE) called Tethys, which was created to teach programming to students. Using the software, students can program it to move, speak, gesture, and display various messages on its screen in real-time. The creators hope this initiative will inspire the next generation of engineers and roboticists.

UUV Aquanaut is ready to submerge

These 1-tonn unmanned underwater vehicles are used to perform different tasks deep beneath the ocean waves. Aquanaut may look slow, but this baby can zoom underwater at 200 km/h, leaving behind even the fastest marine predators. It’s now mainly used to inspect gas infrastructure and subsea oil. Thanks to its grabby claws, Aquanaut can handle valves, pipes, cables and other similar parts. However, its max depth is 300 meters, so no diving into the Mariana Trench.

Robot Ambasador Asimo

Asimo stands for ‘Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility.’ It is usually ranked as the second most promising project because it is one of the most advanced robots ever created. The main goal of the robot is simple — to help people. Asimo travels the world as a brand ambassador of robots, telling people more of how robots can make life easier and help achieve new horizons. It doesn’t move very fast you can ask Asimo to dance, awkwardly run, and even kick a ball if you’re lucky. This little dude can communicate with people in three different languages: Japanese, Chinese, and English, which is more than enough to conquer the world.