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What Is Clubhouse And Why Is Everyone Hyped About It?


In the past few days, everyone and their hamsters have been actively discussing this strange app called the Clubhouse. This service is a new social network, but you can’t just waltz in there like it’s some godforsaken Facebook or TikTok. You’ll need to have someone on the inside to get an invitation. But to explain why you need this app and why it is experiencing a real surge in popularity, let’s start from the beginning.

What is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is all about voice chats, or as the app calls them, “rooms.” Here, participants can talk with each other on specific topics using only audio messages. This means no memes, no funny videos, and no texting. The format is somewhat reminiscent of podcasts or online conferences. The Clubhouse app opened its virtual doors in February 2020, but it remained largely under the radar for an entire year.

What are its features?

One of the two main features of the app is the “Rooms” with voice messages that will disappear after some time, regardless if you “read” them or not. Users can choose any “room” according to their interests: sports, lifestyle, art, entertainment, politics, finance, and many other areas. But the other feature that everyone’s freaking out about is talking to celebs such as Drake, Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Oprah, and many others. Just reach out and touch the stars!

How to register in it?

So far, only Apple users can use the app, but the developers are working on the Android version as we speak. But having the right device doesn’t automatically grant you access to the Clubhouse. You can register on the network only by invitation in the form of a link. Only registered users can invite you to the Clubhouse. And since the app is considered by many to be a closed club for the elite, its members are rather reluctant to hand out invitations. Instead, some members started selling them. You can also queue up in a virtual line to get inside or reach out to Twitter or Reddit users to get a free invitation.

Why now?

Even though Clubhouse has been around for almost a year, the service only caught public attention in February of 2021, thanks in part to Elon Musk’s interview specifically for the Clubhouse. Then Mark Zuckerberg knocked on the door, getting even more people excited about the service. Since then, many entrepreneurs, politicians, and Hollywood celebrities have also now joined the VIP club.

Why should you bother getting in?

There is no censorship in Clubhouse, which allows users to communicate on any topic. The added feature of listening to famous people share insights from the industry is another big plus. If you’re lucky, they may even address your question! However, the Clubhouse’s main advantage is that it is a platform for discussion and communication, where everyone can freely share their opinion.