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12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today

After the end of World War II many of the world’s countries were left in a bad way, Japan had been bombed, Germany had lost most of its power and India was waiting for its independence from the British Empire. Fast forward a few decades and many things have changed for these and other countries in the world, the list of the world’s most technologically advanced countries in 1945 and today are very different! Check out today’s list of the most technologically advanced countries.

8 Things That Will Happen If an Asteroid Hits Earth

We’ve all seen the movies about asteroids colliding with our planet, we’ve also read the news about near misses of asteroids flying close to us. Of course, many of us know that it is thought an asteroid hitting earth finished off the dinosaurs, in fact, this impact is thought to have wiped out 80% of all life on our planet, allowing mammals and eventually humans to thrive. But what would actually happen if an asteroid hit us?

7 Gadgets & Inventions that Could Save Our Planet

Everyday we hear about the impact humans and technology is making on the planet. Cars, factories and the excessive consumption of the Earth’s resources will only end in disaster. Inventors and high tech companies around the world are starting to focus on gadgets that can in fact help with this problem.

What Is A Black Hole: 7 Truly Amazing Facts

Imagine a place where all matter is squeezed in so tight that nothing at all can escape. Planets, moons even light in fact nothing at all! The gravitational force is so large that anything coming even remotely close to it is sucked in, this, in essence, defines a black hole. But what is exactly a black hole?

7 Interesting Facts About Mars

You probably know that Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in our solar system after Mercury. It is often referred to as ‘The Red Planet’ due to its red color. What else do you know about this planet?

9 Inventions By Women That Changed The World

In a world full of technological advances, gadgets and devices to make life easier (or harder!) most of us assume many of these marvellous things were the work of men. That is not always the case women too have created brilliant inventions that bless our lives.

6 Gadgets Every Man Should Own

We all possess the essential wallet, key ring, and phone. But there are few more gadgets and gizmos that you may require that allow your day to day lifestyle with more ease of access. Here’s a short list of what you may need for yourself or rather treat yourself.

8 Best Laptop Brands of 2019

Pretty much everyone can use a laptop these days, since we’re all supposed to be more connected and available. But there are so many brands around that it’s gotten very difficult to see which brands are worth it and which aren’t, so let’s take a look at some of the good ones.