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10 Space Mysteries That Have Scientists Baffled

The universe is a vast place, so it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that there are a lot of mysteries that cannot (and probably will not ever) be solved. Black holes, dark matter, and issues related to quantum mechanics are understandably puzzling. But on the other hand, you don’t have to look off into a distant galaxy to find phenomena that confound scientists. Here are 10 space mysteries that we are still trying to wrap our heads around.

8 Outdated Pieces of Tech We’re Still Using Today

It would probably sound crazy if I tell you that landline phones and even (technically) laptops are all ancient tech at this point. I know we’re still using them and they’re perfectly functional, but the truth is – we’ve surrounded ourselves with a lot of outdated gadgets.

10 Already Existing Gadgets Straight from Sci-Fi Books

Our brilliant scientists keep coming up with really cool inventions that can turn our boring existence into an exciting adventure, right here and now. Devices for reading someone’s thoughts, self-driving cars, cybernetic contact lenses – these and many more inventions are no longer a doohickey from some sci-fi novel, but are actual real things you can buy.

The Best Selling Car Models Right Now

Car trends and prices change constantly, so this list will just mention the best sellers worldwide as we compose this article. For this reason, mentioning sales numbers seems unnecessary. Let’s see what we turn up with. Don’t expect any luxury cars on this.