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5 Craziest Top Secret Space Programs


Would you be surprised to find out that NASA is hiding stuff from us? I’m not talking about the supposed Moon landing “hoax”, no, that was real and tremendously cool. But, turns out, there was this Gary McKinnon dude, who hacked into NASA’s computers and reportedly saw all kinds of cover-ups, from simple photoshopped images of UFO’s to reports from Buzz Aldrin himself about an unknown L-shaped spacecraft. There was also a mention of an artificially constructed monolith on Mars’s moon Phobos, which in itself is quite fascinating. I’m not saying those things he uncovered are real, but if they were, we’re gonna need to study them and maybe even protect our planet, if the push comes to shove.



1. Solar Warden
You’ve probably heard of the “Star Wars” program (not the movies), right? Well, Solar Warden was sort of an add-on to that. There were supposed to be 8 giant motherships and 40 smaller vessels that were going to serve as a border. Okay, this next part is super crazy… William Tompkins, an insider, was recruited to help develop the vessels used in the Solar Warden fleet but, get this, he said he communicated with “benevolent ET’s” telepathically. What’s even crazier, multiple insiders claimed that in the 1950s, breakaway Nazis, and the Eisenhower administration sided with the “bad ET’s”, who gave us supreme weapons and tech in exchange for human subjects. I’m not buying it, but who knows!

2. German Breakaway Civilization
Do you believe in ghosts, telepathy, and astral projection? If you don’t, you can just go read something else, because we’re about to step into something deep and nasty. Still here? Cool. So, some sources say that in the early 1930s, a Nazi occult lady Maria Orsic somehow contacted aliens while in a trance state. Those aliens, who apparently were the progenitors of the Aryans, taught her how to build an interstellar spaceship. She didn’t want to share that knowledge with Hitler, and eventually, her entire group just disappeared in thin air, leading some people to believe that she did manage to build that spaceship and left for Aldebaran.

3. The Dark Fleet
Ah, the Reptilians, finally! Did you know that this highly advanced space empire from the Orion galaxy is currently controlling what I’m typing? Yeah, it’s unbelievable what those handsome space-iguanas are capable of. Oh, BTW, they themselves are in turn controlled by an artificial intelligence from another universe. Yup, you heard me right – an AI from another freaking universe! The best part is, that the titular Dark Fleet consists of crazy Nazi Germans and is used to defend our Solar system from the “good aliens”. What am I even reading right now? Let’s just move on and hope the next space program is somewhat more believable.

4. Project Moon Shadow
This is basically your standard run-of-the-mill super-soldier training program… but in SPACE! Genetically enhanced embryos were created from scratch, implanted into women, and after being born their harsh training would start. They were then taken to the Moon and pitted against adult soldiers to show their progress. Wait, isn’t this an arc from Marvel comics? Anyway, over 300 boys and girls were “recruited” for this program and they’re all probably on the Moon now laughing at us.

5. Mars Defense Force
Before I started this “article” my first question would be “Defense? Who’s going to attack Mars?” but now I know better. It’s probably the geckos. Anyway, this alleged program recruited soldiers on a 20-and-back basis, which basically meant that after “defending” Terran colonies on Mars for 20 years, you’d then have your memory wiped, age-regressed to minus 20 years, and sent back in time to a few moments before it all started. I kid you not, you’d be defending Martian colonies from the lizard-people and then just go back in time like it never happened. Where do I sign up?