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Technology That Probably Won’t Exist In The Future


Technology has been evolving at an increasingly rapid pace for the last few decades. It seems like the boundaries of what we can do with artificial intelligence, the internet and wireless connectivity arebeing pushed on a daily basis.


This speed comes with an obvious downside though – technology becomes obsolete more quickly as well. Let’s take a look at some pieces of technology that’ll probably be gone in the near future, and why/how they’ll be replaced.



GPS Units
While they were revolutionary at the time, they’ve already become somewhat obsolete. Having to manually update your roads, not having a smart interface that monitors traffic… It’s not the best way to do it. And the worst part of it all is that we can already have the “smart” GPS if we just use Google Maps on our smartphones.



Digital Cameras
Again, with the way these things are being integrated into smartphones, it seems weird that digital cameras wouldn’t be replaced entirely sooner or later. Either there’ll be a new kid on the block, or the smartphone will take over.

Credit And Debit Cards
Again, this one looks like it’s going to get swallowed up entirely by the advancements made in smartphones and apps. Most mobile payment apps are better encrypted than your regular credit card, so it’s just a natural evolution. Also, no way to lose your card!

Sooner or later, these will have to be replaced by biometric locks, right? I mean, no better key than your own fingerprint.



Much like the physical keys, we might be losing digital keys as well. Biometrics are simply safer and harder to hack, and most people are already doing this by unlocking their smartphones with their fingerprint.

Human Driven Cars
Despite the huge controversy surrounding them, it looks like a future without self-driven cars is slowly but surely becoming unlikely. It might take 20 or 30 years, but don’t expect to teach your grandchildren how to drive.

Landline Phones
With smartphones and wireless communication on the rise, it seems kinda weird that landline phones even still exist in the first place. They serve 0 purpose.

Physical Data Containers
You can take this very broadly – I’m talking everything from USB sticks to DVD discs. With internet connections constantly evolving, it’s slowly but surely becoming more efficient to stream content from the cloud, rather than save it on a physical container.