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8 Outdated Pieces of Tech We’re Still Using Today


It would probably sound crazy if I tell you that landline phones and even (technically) laptops are all ancient tech at this point. I know we’re still using them and they’re perfectly functional, but the truth is – we’ve surrounded ourselves with a lot of outdated gadgets. Maybe after reading this article you’ll do some “spring cleaning” and donate your old gizmos to those who actually need them.


Here are 8 outdated pieces of tech we’re still using today.



1. Landline phones
If you live in the middle of nowhere, a landline is a vital, but for billions of city folks… why? Why would you want to have that thing in your house? All it does is gather dust, and if it’s rotatory, kids will laugh at you.



2. Analogue watches and clocks
With all the screens we have available to us every minute of every day, a watch or a clock seems like a waste of time. I guess the future generations will have a hard time understanding the concept of “tick-tock”.

3. Dedicated GPS Device
Wherever you are, wherever you go, a dedicated GPS device will probably be more accurate than your iPhone, but smartphones are way better at everything else. The only reason to keep a GPS navigator is that you’ll only need batteries to make it work, unlike the phones, which will also require internet connection to load the maps.

4. Music players
This basically turns into a list of things your smartphone can do, but let’s continue. Listening to the music is something we like to do almost on a daily basis, and most of us either use our phones or PCs. But I still have an old iPod and an even older Transcend MP3 player that I sometimes use. Why? Because they were designed solely for that purpose, unlike the multi-functional smartphones.



5. Non-Smart Mobile Phones
I can think of only 3 reasons why you’d choose an old cell phone over a new 1000$ smartphone: 1) it’s cheap as dirt, duh; 2) the battery lasts for weeks; 3) it’s a great emergency option to keep in your glove box. Other than that dumb-phones are outdated.

6. Local Storage Device
We’re not talking about the old 3’5” 1.44 MB disks, not even CD’s, but simple USB sticks. That’s right, your favorite flash drives have been upgraded and became the majestic “cloud storage”. Although, don’t throw away your USB sticks just yet, they may come in handy one day.

7. Typewriter
Just the other day I saw a Kickstarter page for what seems to be a modern e-typewriter with a screen. No apps, to extra features, you just write stuff on it. 500 bucks. That’s crazy! We’re at the point where we’re paying more to get less. But anyway, typewriters are still somewhat popular among the so-called “hipsters”, despite being ancient AF.

8. Vinyl LPs
With tapes (yes, tapes), CDs, and DVDs already losing to BluRay and digital distribution, it still makes me wonder how come the vinyls are doing so amazingly well for a tech from the 19th-century? People claim that analog sound makes the music sound better, but I’ve listened to the same album on CD vs vinyl and it was the same exact quality. Maybe I just don’t get it, but to me these LPs are definitely outdated.