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Super Cars For Super Heroes

Super Heros need a proper car. You can’t transport yourself like the ordinary person if you’re training to be extraordinary. Thankfully, our car industry has evolved to the point where it’s perfectly possible to pick a super car for every superhero without having it look weird.

7 Everyday Habits That Are Destroying Our Brain

Just like every other organs in our body, our brain can be influenced by a plethora of different factors, including some everyday habits, that can cause it some severe damage. If you’re a heavy drinker or chain smoker, you probably know you’re doing something wrong, so, take notes, if you want your brain to serve you longer!

10 Ways In Which Smartphones Have Changed Our Lives

Mass adaptation of the smartphone has really only taken place over the last 10 years, but now that they have become an everyday part of our lives, it is almost impossible to imagine how we could have lived without them. But remarkably, there really was a time when we had to meet the everyday challenges of life without one. Here are 10 ways in which smartphones have made our lives better.