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Robot Fails That Will Convince You Terminator Isn’t Happening Anytime Soon


When someone says “robots”, most people react with a sense of ambiguity. On one hand, we like them. It’s the best thing to happen to humanity in 200 years. On the other hand, we fear the time they might turn against us. One day, robots may gain the intelligence needed to think for themselves and figure out that humanity is exploiting them. And when that happens, Skynet takes over and sends a T-800 to kill John Connor.


Of course we can’t expect real life to be anything like the Terminator movies: odds of us ever capturing one of the T-800 units and reprogramming it to do our bidding seem slim to none. Apart from that, James Cameron pretty much had it spot on. We’ll all die and wonder if we wouldn’t have been better off without those robots. I’m pretty sure we can all work a little harder if it means we don’t create our own weapon of destruction. Then again, a certain part of the world voted for Trump. It might already be too late.


Anyway, here’s some robot fails to make you feel safe and warm about the impending robot apocalypse again.



A Robot Committed Suicide In A Fountain
A Knightscope K5 unit (still quite some letters and numbers removed from a T-800, thankfully) that was used as a security guard in Washington “fell” over a flight of stairs and right into a pool. Since the robot was unable to get itself up again, it was destroyed.



Toddlers Are Getting Run Over
I’m not sure who to side with on this issue. That said, a security robot ran over a toddler because the toddler was probably too small for the robot to see.

Robots Can’t Get Into Tokyo University
While this is not (entirely) a joke about Asians being smarter and more performance-oriented than anyone else, scientists have recently abandoned their research into creating a robot smart enough to enter Tokyo University. Apparently the AI has difficulty answering questions that require the ability to grasp meaning in a more broad spectrum.

Robots Disappear At Fukushima
While Fukushima has suffered the holy triumvirate of “screw this place”, being an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, it might be the safest place for humanity to go in the robot-apocalyptic future. Apparently, all the robots that get sent there for research purposes either melt because of the radiation or just simply get lost because of the debris. I’d honestly just get a Hazmat suit and start rebuilding society from there.

A Robot Blocked Traffic After Escaping From A Research Lab
While this robot is surely to be applauded (and feared) for escaping his Russian human overlords, his escape attempt was cut short because his battery died after 45 minutes.

A Drunk Guy Attacked A Security Robot
While the guy might have been slightly inebriated, he had the gut instinct that might keep our species alive in 50 years. He saw the robot, ran right at it and beat it down. The robot instantly reported the assault and has allegedly been able to resume its patrolling duties.

A Traveling Canadian Robot Got Decapitated In The US
You can always count on America to react calmly to a crisis. HitchBot was vandalized beyond repair in Philadelphia, with its head and limbs removed.