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9 Amazing Things You Can Make With 3D Printing


If you had a 3D printer and could make aaaaanything, what you make? The correct answer is: more 3D printers that can print money. 3D printers are like genies, really, without the 3-wish deal going on. You want a figurine? Done! How about some food? Okay, sure… With this technology we can do pretty much anything right now. Even as far as 3D printed organic tissue. That’s freaking mind blowing, isn’t it?


Let’s see what other cool or weird stuff people have made with 3D printing.



Snacks and fast food
As mentioned before, you can actually “print” food! People from NASA and Cornell University are currently working on perfecting 3D printing various kinds of food. So far they’ve successfully recreated sea scallops, cookies and banana-flavored gelatin, so it’s already a huge step forward. In just a few years, maybe decades, from now we’ll all be using these wonderful machines to create pizza and beer.



Solo Finger Pen
I’ve added this neat device not because it’s something revolutionary, and may help fight the world hunger, but for its outstanding design. Just look at that 3D printed talon! Would definitely pay $10 for this thing.

A Working Gun
It’s crazy how stuff made entirely of plastic can shoot out bullets. Of course, at the beginning these plastic guns could withstand only a few shots, but recently a company called Defense Distributed shared the necessary files to the public so anyone could print their own firearms using 3D printer at home.

3D Printed Acoustic Guitar
The first ever 3D printed acoustic guitar was created by Scott Summit, and that small achievement showed everyone that this actually works. You don’t need to buy expensive guitars anymore! Hell, you can even create replicas of the most famous guitars ever!



Hand-made Camera Lens
A camera lens is a pain to model and create, however thanks to 3D printing you can now make one in just a few hours. I mean, as long as the lens works, it’s all good!

3D Figurines From Children’s Drawings
Go find your childhood drawings, if you still have them and ask yourself this: would you like to turn them into something real? Like a sculpture, maybe? It would only cost you 99 Euros, but it’s worth it!

Customizable 3D Printed Bugdroids
Any Android enthusiasts out there? Good, this one’s for you! Android’s mascot makes for a great figurine, especially if you 3D print is wearing something really weird. There are 25 designs to choose from, each costing $22, but if none of them speak to you, you can always customize your own Bugdroid at a starting price of $30.



3D-Printed Fabrics
The future is here! Thanks to designers Jiri Evenhuise and Janne Kyttanen, we now have the technology to “instantly” create perfect fitting clothing after scanning the client’s body. Best part about this is that the fabric is fully recyclable, its creation requires less labor, shortens production time and ultimately lowers the carbon footprint, which is always great.

3D Printed Bikini – N21
And since we’re talking about clothes, how about a 3D printed bikini? Made from Nylon 12, a strong, flexible and 0.7 mm thin, waterproof material, this futuristic high-tech swimwear will cost you up to $300. Then again, this thing will probably last you forever, so think of it as an investment.