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15 Facts About the Human Body That Will Make you Question Everything


Would you like to learn something crazy about your internal organs today? The answer to that question should always be “Hell YES!”, by the way. The better you know what your body can do the more you start to understand that nothing really matters, and we’re all just walking flesh-bags. But enough romanticizing, tome to explore your literal inner self! Let’s see if you can … digest all this information.



1. During your lifetime your heart will pump around 200 million liters of blood. This is why you should always take care of that big red thing inside you.



2. The electricity running through your brain could power up a light bulb. But this is only true for people who use their brain.



3. Shark teeth are just a tiny bit stronger than ours. So, they’re saying the new “Jaws” movie could go the human-shark hybrid route?

4. Our stomach acid could easily make a hole in your skin. Just. Like. XENOMORPHS! Seriously, the Prometheus movie suddenly became much much better.



5. Can you believe that our facial muscles can make over 7000 facial expressions? We need emojis for ALL of them, stat!

6. Did you know that babies have way more bones in their tiny bodies? Babies are cheaters! I wanna have more bones too.



7. A keen human eye has a resolution of around 500 megapixels, which is why pictures taken by modern phone cameras can’t even get close to that… yet.



8. 16% of you total body weight is your biggest organ – skin. That’s about 8kg on average. What a gruesome way to lose weight!

9. 10% of our waking hours is lost on blinking. Which means that if you’re 50, you’ve had your eyes closed for over 20 years, with sleep and stuff.



10. Kidneys are so awesome, that they manage to filter all of our blood 25 times a day. Almost once an hour. Wow, our body is relentless!

11. That pink stuff in the corner of our eyes is a remnant of the protective inner eyelid we used to have millions of years ago.



12. Our liver can fully regrow itself from as little as 25% of its size! Today we learned: liver is the Wolverine of the human’s body!



13. Your heart syncs its beat with whatever music you’re listening to. Try some smooth jazz next time your heart is racing. Or thrash metal, when you feel sleepy.

14. What happens to enzymes that digest our food when there is no food left, like if you’re dead for example? Yeah, they’ll start eating you!



15. And of course, my favorite thing about our bodies is knowing for a fact that somewhere deep inside they all have that cosmic particle, because our bodies and everything around us is made of stardust that’s millions, or even billions of years old. Absolutely fantastic!