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The 8 Coolest Superhero Gadgets


Superheroes are awesome. There’s no real reason to argue this point – they’re pretty much general badasses. Some superheroes don’t rely entirely on their powers, though: they also have some technological help to achieve those levels of awesomeness.
Since technology is constantly evolving, let’s take a look at some cool gadgets you’ll be getting me for Christmas in, say, 2030. Make it happen, science people.



Iron Man’s Suit
C’mon, this doesn’t even need explaining. It’s just cool.



Hawkeye’s Trick Arrows
Or Green Arrow, whichever you prefer. They’re basically the same hero in different colored outfits.

Captain America’s Shield + Retriever
Is it sad that my shield throwing skills are so bad that I’d need the retriever as well to even be mildly excited?

Green Lantern’s Ring
A ring that literally allows you to conjure everything you can think of. Heck yes.



Spider-Man’s Web-shooters
Yes. Very much yes.

Ant-Man’s Suit
Get small, get large, whatever you want!

The Bat claw
I’d probably mostly use it to avoid going up stairs, but I want it nonetheless.

Black Panther’s Vibranium Suit
I may not have the body to pull off a suit that tight, but I’m pretty sure that if the Vibranium can stop bullets, it’ll also stop everyone’s hateful remarks about my weight. Right?