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Top 5 Unexplained Natural Phenomena


Where will you be when it starts raining spiders from the sky? We all love a good mystery, but sometimes Mother Nature outdoes herself. And I don’t mean basic stuff like “why is the sky blue” or “ why is water wet”, no, I mean literal mysteries that are extremely hard to explain even with our current level of technology. From cities floating in the sky to the top secret Tunguska incident, here are the top 5 mind-boggling natural phenomena!



5. Cities In The Sky
I know it’s hard to believe at first, but this is real. On April 21, 2017, in Jieyang, China, hundreds of people saw the image of a city floating on the clouds above them. Thanks to the power of the Internet we have some of the pics taken that day, but as it turns out, this phenomenon has happened before. Similar optical illusions were recorded at 5 different locations in China six years prior to this event. While some of the theories included possible aliens, the second coming of Christ, or a holographic test by the Chinese Army, I think it’s safe to say none of those are true. Here’s another possible explanation – Fata Morgana! This weather phenomenon can be seen when the light passes through heat waves causing a duplication effect. You gotta admit it’s a bit more believable than some nasty aliens.

4. Raining Cats And Dogs . . . And Spiders?
Speaking of “nasty”, what do you get when you combine storm winds and spider nests? That’s right, you’re getting the F out of wherever you are at that moment. Seriously, I can understand and tolerate locust falling from the sky, or cows during a tornado, but who “Up There” thought it would be a great idea to let spiders float from the Heavens? Sadly enough, while not being a common occurrence, flightless animals do fall from the sky from time to time. Some examples include frogs, tadpoles, spiders, fish, eels, snakes, worms, and your friendly neighborhood spider-spiders. Scientists are still baffled by the logistics and peculiarities of this phenomenon, but one thing is certain – it SUCKS!

3. The Great Attractor
Let’s get as far away from the arachnids as possible for now… Deep space will do! Okay, so, to understand why this one’s weird, you gotta first accept that the Big Bang was a thing. You know, when all matter in our universe was so tightly compressed that it just burst. After that the matter, anti-matter, and all the stuff we’re not aware of yet flew into space. Basically, it was an explosion, and since then everything in our universe has been moving AWAY from each other (unless gravity gets you). So there’s this “Great Attractor” thing 150–250 million light years away that is pulling stuff toward the Milky Way and other nearby galaxies. How and why, and what exactly is doing the pulling? Sadly we don’t know, but in 2016, a group of international scientists were able to finally look past the Milky Way using the CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope, and discovered over 800 galaxies clustered in that area. And now there are 2 camps: 1) saying that all these galaxies are doing the pulling, and 2) the galaxies were pulled there. I know one thing for sure: this stuff is super exciting!

2. The Taos Hum
Hummmmm…. Welcome to Taos! Located in North Central New Mexico, it is best known for the mysterious “Taos Hum,” a noise reported to be heard by 2% of the population. The weird part is that it’s described differently by each individual, and none of the recording equipment could “hear” that hum. To this day we have no idea what it is, so your guess is as good as mine.

1. The Tunguska Event
It’s June 30, 1908. Somewhere near Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Siberia, a massive fireball hurls toward the ground before exploding about 6 kilometers above the surface. The explosion wiped out countless animals, probably even made some species go extinct, and completely flattened the nearby trees, sending out a hot shock wave for miles. People 64 kilometers away from the epicenter, were knocked back by the concussive force. The scientists speculate that the fireball was an asteroid or a meteor, but what’s really weird is that no crater was ever found. Which means no meteor. So what exactly happened there? It’s a bloody mystery, for sure.