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Future Technology That Will Improve Our Lives


Whether you want to accept it or not, our society has reached a point where our lives are greatly impacted by the technology we have at hand. Just take a look at Iron Man, for example. He’s not an actual superhero, he’s just a rich guy in a really awesome high-tech suit. Tell me technology hasn’t impacted Tony Stark’s life in a big way.


Let’s take a look at some cool, but not quite as cool as a robotic exo-suit, technology that’ll improve our lives in the future.



Slider Phones Might Be Coming Back
There’s just a certain level of coolness attached to sliding open your phone whenever you answer a call, so news that Huawei is working on reviving slider phones with their new Honor Magic 2 model is amazing. Do we need it? No. Do we want it? Yes.

PayPal Is Changing The Way We Pay Online
In fact, they’re trying to homogenize all online payment options to become a custom Smart Payment Button for merchants that allows a simple OneTouch checkout for consumers. No more selecting options, grabbing whatever card you need and inputting all your info!

Uber Protects Pickup Locations
To make their brand slightly safer, Uber is going to launch a service that’ll protect their pickup locations by sending a signal to the driver and the passenger whenever an accident or whatever have you has happened. Another new feature will also prevent drivers from seeing passenger address information once the ride is completed.

Google Makes Traveling Easier
Google is launching Touring Bird, which is essentially like Google Maps, but for tourists. It’ll show you locations to all tourist attractions near you, including prices, opening hours and even refund options. And of course Google will categorize everything and allow you to pick stuff to do based on your interests.

Twitter Live Audio Streaming Is Coming
While it’ll only work on the iOS Periscope app for now, Twitter will allow you to essentially stream your podcast live on their social network. Think “Facebook Live”, but for sound. By trying to integrate podcasting features into their network, Twitter is clearly making another move upwards after being slowly pushed back by Instagram.

Apple Is Making Bigger iPhones
While the iPhone Xs Max is only innovative in the sense that it’s the first smartphone to be sold at over $1000, it does open up new possibilities for smartphones. We might be seeing more “big” smartphones that are essentially smaller versions of tablets and bridge that gap between both mediums, perhaps entirely replacing one of them.