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The First Things Women Notice About Men (According to Science)


It’s a well-known fact that women are more observant then men. Women can wear a new dress on a date and never have the man notice it. But with all those things women notice, how are men ever to draw their attention? We can’t pay attention to everything – right? Well, luckily for you, there’s a couple of things that women notice faster than the other stuff. Let’s take a look.



Your Face
This seems like an obvious one, doesn’t it? As long as you don’t look like you’ve tried to stop a bus with your face, you should be fine on this one. Minor skin care can go a long way.



Your Smile
So yes, you’ll need to laugh. Even if her jokes aren’t funny. Just pretend it’s funny, but don’t have that overly fake pretend laugh. Don’t be Rocket Raccoon, have a genuine laugh.

Your Posture
Posture can be very important. Someone who stands upright will appear more confident, which makes you more attractive.

Your Arms
Yes, muscular arms are more attractive. Yes, that minor workout at the gym will pay off.

Your Manners
Looking good might be nice, but you also have to know how to treat a woman. Small hint: they like it when you respect them.

Your Hair
Stop doing that “any hair will do” haircut you’ve got going on and spend some money on a proper barber’s hairdo. You won’t regret it.

Your Social Skills
She might want to take you out someday, so make sure you know how to behave around other people. People having fun are way more attractive than people suffering in awkward silence.